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Not everyone needs a smartphone and Verizon looks like they are sensitive to that fact. They have introduced a new model they called the "Gusto 2" just for those who want to stay a few year back in the past. It is created by Samsung and looks a lot like an earlier model. It is not going to have one of those incredibly clear touch screens and no super video capabilities. This is your basic communications device.

This phone brings back memories of the flip-phone "fad" that the Motorola Razr started. But this particular flipper is not designed to be sleek and thin. It is chubby and fits easier in the hand. The overall thickness is just over a half of an inch when closed. The black exterior is subdued with two screens delivering data to the user. The exterior screen is for the time and date, battery strength and signal levels. The interior display is the bigger of the two. It is for navigating the phone, viewing of photos and regular menu tasks. The interior display weighs in at a tiny two inches of digital real estate. For those who like the details, the pixel rating is 128 by 160. It is not a touch screen. Since it is assumed that the user of this feature phone is not going to be surfing the web as much as with a smartphone, no data plan is required when buying the handset. The Samsung Gusto 2 does come with a browser, but no "pinch to zoom" for the small text.

Although this Samsung feature phone has a processor running at 400 megahertz, there is no operating system to speak of. Internal memory is rated for 64 megabytes before formatting. An underpowered camera is included for a quick photo shoot. It is rated for 1.3 megapixels of power. The keys of the Gusto 2 can be set up to access emergency numbers, the speaker phone and other needs with one touch. For example, the camera can be accessed with one touch with a shortcut key. Contacts can be brought up with one touch of a button. One of the features that Samsung likes to include with their handsets is the ability to set up a fake call. This feature phone has that ability and can come in handy during sticky or dangerous situations.

There are very few wireless features for the Samsung Gusto 2. It does come with Bluetooth for using the phone with an earpiece. There is no Wi-Fi. The most advanced feature of this dumb phone seems to be the "VZ Navigator" ability. This is the gift of being able to hear a "turn by turn" explanation of directions. For those who get lost easily, it will come in very handy. It is supported by a database of millions of points of interest and is social as well. That means the results can be shared with others.

The battery is hefty for the size of this feature phone. It comes in at 1000 mAh which is slated to allow the user to talk for up to 420 minutes ( seven hours ). The normal battery will bring the weight of the Gusto 2 to 3.53 ounces. That is 100 grams for those outside of the United States. This phone is selling for $80 dollars after a rebate of $50 dollars. It will require a two year contract to get it at that price. Look for this feature phone to be marketed to the Senior Citizens under the Verizon "Big Red" logo in a few weeks from now.

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