Hello everybody!
I'd like to share my experience of using MTX Connect prepaid data-only SIM card. Before my last trip to Europe (Germany, Spain, Portugal and etc) I used to buy local SIM cards or search for WiFi spots in McDonalds, Starbucks and other places. Not really comfy and wastes some time. So I ordered MTX Connect SIM card and it was really worth it! It's FREE to get. And there are 3 pricing options: 0.1 euro per Mb, 10 euro per day unlimited, 50 euro per month (for 1 Gb). I used the second option when I had to work and had to spend a lot of time on internet, and the first one, when I needed to check e-mail or google maps or posted smth to Instagram. Connection was pretty good everywhere, and I even got 4G at some places. Easy to order just filling the forms at the website: mtxc.eu. So it's a good decision for travelling to Europe.

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