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    Anyone know of a music service that will let you either download or convert songs into MP3 or AAC formats for cell phones?

    My phone only plays files in AAC or MP3 formats.

    I know I can convert songs into an audio cd and then rip them in the format I want, but I am wondering if there is a service out there that will let you either download in a format the phone can use or will allow you to convert the format.

    Been running into the encyption problem and would like an easier way than the burn and rip method.

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    Re: Online music services for cell phones?

    If there is one, it's not gonna be easy to find, as it isn't really a very demanded feature to have when downloading to a phone. However, your CAN do this on a pc using an audio converter. They're not too hard to find. Just google it. After the conversion simply send the files to your phone and bob's your uncle!

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