Transferring Audio Files from Your Windows Computer:

  1. Connect your ZTE Warp 4G to your PC via USB
  2. While on the home screen, drag the "status" bar down
  3. From the notification area, tap "Media device (MTP)"
  4. On your computer, an AutoPlay window should pop-up. Click the option to browse the files and folders on your device
  5. Access the "phone" storage
  6. Open a second Windows Explorer window and navigate to where the audio files are located on your PC
  7. Copy the files, then bring up the Windows Explorer window with your phone's storage, and paste the files. NOTE: you can paste audio files in the "Ringtone" and / or "Notifications" folders
  8. Once the files have been transferred, safely disconnect your smartphone by clicking the media storage device icon in the system tray

Assigning a New Ringtone via the Settings Menu:

  1. While on the home screen, tap "All apps"
  2. Tap "Settings" > "Sound" > "Phone ringtone"
  3. From the list of audio files, select the one that you want to set as the ringtone
  4. Tap "OK"

Assigning a New Phone Ringtone from the Music Player:

  1. Tap "All apps" while on the home screen
  2. Tap "Music" to open the music app
  3. Optionally, sort between "songs", "artists", "albums" etc.
  4. After finding the desired song, tap the triangle icon next to the desired song
  5. Tap "Set as phone ringtone"

NOTE: you can set a ringtone while a song is playing by pressing "Menu" > "Set as phone ringtone"

Changing the Ringtone for a Specific Contact:

  1. Open the apps drawer
  2. Tap the "People" application
  3. Select the contact that you want to edit
  4. Press "Menu" > "Set ringtone"
  5. Select the desired ringtone and tap "OK" to confirm the selection

Changing the Ringtone, Alarm and Notification Volumes:

  1. From the home screen, tap "All apps"
  2. Tap "Settings" > "Sound"
  3. Drag the sliders associated with "Alarms" and "Ringtone & notifications", and set them to a desired level
  4. Tap "OK" to confirm the changes

See More: ZTE Warp 4G: Transfer Audio Files and Set Custom Ringtones