The Calendar on your HTC Titan 2 allows you to create appointments, create to-do lists and send invitations to other people.

How-To: Create a Calendar Appointment on Your HTC Titan 2.

1. Tap the "Calendar" on the Start screen of your device.
2. Access the "agenda" or "day" view then tap the "add" icon depicted as a "+" symbol.
3. In case you have more than one calendar, press the "Calendar" box then select the desired account in which you wish to add an appointment.
4. Enter the preferred appointment details.
5. Press "more details" found at the bottom of the screen in order to set the appointment's occurrence and more.
6. Once you're done setting your appointment tap "Save".

How-To: Send an Appointment Invitation Using the Calendar.

1. Access the Calendar, create and add the appointment details such as location or date and time.
2. Press "more details" flick the screen up and select "add someone".
3. Tap "add someone" then select the person you wish to send your appointment notification to.
4. Press the "Save" button once you're done selecting the required and optional attendees. An invitation will be sent to the selected contacts via Email.

How-To: Create a To-Do Task Using the Calendar on Your HTC Titan II.

NOTE*: You can only create a "to-do" task in Exchange Active Sync accounts.

1. Access the Calendar app and swipe the screen to left or right in order to access the "to-do" list.
2. Press the "add" button depicted as a "+" symbol.
3. In case you have more than one Exchange ActiveSync accounts select the desired one to which you want to add your to-do task.
4. Enter the desired task details including a subject and a date.
5. In order to set a reminder, enable the "Reminder" option then select a time and date of the reminder.
6. Once you're done creating the task, press the "save" button.

How-To: Choose Which Calendar to Keep Synced on Your HTC Titan II.

1. Tap the arrow shaped icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
2. Select "Settings" then tap "Email + accounts".
3. Select the desired account on which you wish to make calendar sync changes.
4. Check or uncheck the "Calendar" checkbox.
5. Press the "Apply" button once you're done.

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