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    WARNING! Applying a master reset on your smartphone will return its settings to original factory values. All software updates prior to the reset will be lost, and all personal data stored on the phone's internal memory will be deleted. This includes custom ringtones, apps, images, downloaded content etc. (Remember that data stored on the SD and SIM cards will not be affected)

    NOTE: Before factory resetting your smartphone, you should visit this link assuming that you're looking for instructions on how you can back up your personal data stored on the device. For a full guide on restoring the data after the backup, follow this link.

    Master Resetting via Settings Menu:

    1. While viewing the home screen, tap "Apps"
    2. Launch "Settings"
    3. Swipe to "Personal" and then tap "Backup & reset"
    4. Mark or clear the check boxes associated with "Back up my data" and "Automatic restore"
    5. Tap "Backup account" and, if necessary, follow the on-screen instructions to create a Google backup account
    6. Tap "Factory data reset" and review the warning message
    7. Optionally, mark the "Erase SD card" check box. {(WARNING! By selecting this option the factory reset will also clear all data stored on the SD card (external memory)}
    8. Tap "Reset phone" > "Erase everything"
    9. Press "OK" to confirm

    Master Resetting using Hardware Keys (Recovery Menu):

    NOTE: Use this method of factory resetting in case your phone crashes, freezes or otherwise prevents you from applying the master reset via the settings menu (method above).

    1. Turn off your smartphone
    2. Press and hold the "Power" and "Volume down" buttons simultaneously
    3. At the "LG" logo, release and re-hold the "Power" key, but continue pressing the "Volume down" button
    4. Keep pressing the keys until the "Factory data reset" screen appears
    5. From there, press "Volume down" to navigate to "Yes"
    6. Press the "Power" key to confirm the selected option
    7. At the "Erase all user data and restore default settings" screen, press "Volume down" and highlight "Yes"
    8. Press "Power" to confirm
    9. Your smartphone will now reset and reboot

    Updating Your Device to the Latest OS Version:

    NOTE: When you master reset a smartphone, all previous software updates are also lost. As such, it's highly recommended that you update your smartphone immediately after applying the factory reset. To do so:

    1. Ensure that your smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network
    2. Tap "Apps" from the home screen
    3. Tap "Settings"
    4. Swipe to and then tap "System"
    5. Tap "About Phone" > "Update center"
    6. Go to "System updates" and press the "Check now" button
    7. Follow any additional, self-explanatory steps to download and apply the necessary software updates

    See More: LG G3 Cat.6: Master Reset via Settings Menu or Recovery and Update Your Smartphone

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    Re: LG G3 Cat.6: Master Reset via Settings Menu or Recovery and Update Your Smartphone

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