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    I recently had a gut feeling that my spouse might be cheating on me. I found some evidence at the beginning of this year on his phone and made the mistake of confronting him. Of Couse, now he states he has stopped all of these and I want to save our marriage. I still don't believe that he has stopped and i want to know for sure. I need help and advice on how to find out what exactly he is doing on his phone when am not around and any information than can help me determined if he has stopped or if he's still engaging in these activities. If he has stopped i want to continue going to therapy with him and to try to save our marriage. But when i later find out through jamesethicalhacker at gmail dot com that was introduce to me by a friend that he hasn't then i file a divorce case against him cos i don't want to continue to be hurt again and i am glad everything came out on my favor cos i was able to confront him with enough proof and evidence through text, calls,whatsapp and email…thanks to this great Man JAMES jamesethicalhacker at gmail dot com for helping to get this done in an untraceable way. I will like to introduce him to you as well cos he's the best when it comes to any hacking related services and detecting lies about infidelity and cheating spouse….. Call,text and whatsapp him on +1 7 7 5 3 7 4 4 3 4 4 he's always online and he will assist you

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    Re: How to hack a cheating spouse cell phone with proof

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    Re: How to hack a cheating spouse cell phone with proof

    This text was not translated, because it is originally in German I think that it is worth it to solve all peacefully in such situations because this problem can occur with anyone. It is worth understanding this and talking to your wife to find out the reason for this situation.

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    Re: How to hack a cheating spouse cell phone with proof

    It's very unpleasant. I think that in such situations you should go to more experienced professionals. I can recommend you professional help from hacktown which is really effective in such cases. I'm sure you can find the help you need right here, as I was able to find a lot of useful things on this forum. I think that experienced users will be able to give a lot of effective recommendations.

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    Re: How to hack a cheating spouse cell phone with proof

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