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    I'm a huge newbie with cell phones, and I have a bunch of midis that I would like to use for my new i530 phone, but I have no idea how to put them in there. The nextel handbook does nothing important. I've heard that in some situations, you have to press a certain key combination. If so, where is this done?

    Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

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    if you already have the midi ringtones all you need is webjal to upload them to the phone. you can download webjal at

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    One small problem...

    I got everything from WebJAL loaded and I have the data cable for my phone. When I go to download the midi into the phone, it gets like 99% of the download finished and then a box pops up that says,

    "A general communication error occurred while communicating to the phone. Please verify the connection between the computer, phone, and cable as well as your preference settings. In addition you may try setting the phone Baud Rate to 19200."

    Everything is correct in my preferences:

    iDEN Phone
    COM port is either 1 or 2
    Baud Rate is 19200

    And since I have the USB cable, I checked the "Connect via USB connection" checkmark.

    All of my cables are firmly in place and My driver for the USB cable is a PK2K1 Device.

    What could be the problem??? I'm sooo close.

    PS. WebJAL is compatible with the i530? Right?
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