Hey all,
I've noticed a problem with my phone. Whenever I create a custom ringtone from an mp3, I pvconv it, then upload it to my phone. I've been using these custom QCP ringtones for about a week and my friends keep commenting that whenever they call me and I first pick up the phone, there is a series of weird beeps/tones. At first I thought this was a problem with PCS Vision trying to complete a data call or something. After a few tests, i've concluded that this problem is related to these custom ringtones. If I use a ringtone that was preloaded on the phone, there is no beeps. If I turn the the phone to silent there is no beeps. Maybe I am converting the mp3's -> wav wrong. 16bit, 8000hz, Mono.. correct? Anyone else having the same problems? Help would be appreciated.

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