I am having troubles Removing and Replacing my Nokia 3230 Casing/Housing/Facia.

I recieved the new casing as a gift for christmas, but as yet have been unable to put it on.

Below I have posted the images of my handset, to let you see what I am trying to do.

I purchased a T6 screwdriver which has taken the screws out ok. The two at the bottom and the one at the top left hand corner of the keypad area.

However, looking at the new casing it seems there is a fourth screw to come off, where and how does this come off?

Please don't say the LCD has to come off, as that seems really too dodgy and difficult.

So the three screws are out, but I still cant seem to remove it. I couldnt find any articles on the internet about this. Any ideas?


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