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    Hello, I am brand new to this forum. I have also never owned a cell phone in my life, I never saw the point in it. However, now I am finding myself going to a pay phone a lot more than I should be, so I have 200 dollars cash and am going to use it on all my cell phone supplies and the phone itself.

    Note this: I HAVE NEVER USED A CELL IN MY LIFE, EVER. I have zero experience.

    I posted this in the Nokia forum because I want a Nokia phone. Some of my freinds have them and I like the design and style.

    Things I want in a phone:

    1. I do not have any type of MP3 player, so that is a MUST have on a phone.
    2. I do not have a digital Camera, so I would like a pretty powerful Camera on my phone
    3. I would use Pay as you go, because I would only use this phone to call people on occasion. I would usually use the MP3 the most.
    4. I dont know what company is the best. I live in Canada, and I hear good things about Rogers and Tellus.
    5. I do not like the flip design, I like the candy bar design.
    6. Durability is a pretty large factor.
    7. I dont care about games or internet. I got those already.
    8. Texting....sure, but at 10 bucks a text, thats flipping insane.
    9. Watching youtube videos or game trailers on the phone would be neat, I would really like that.
    10. FM radio, not a major need, but it would be cool.
    11. Bluetooth is a cool thing if I can get that.
    12. Speakerphone would be nice.
    13. Vibrate would be nice
    14. I would like it to be pretty small.

    I have seen two phones that I like. I am trying to decide which one is the best for my needs and wants. What do you guys think?

    Nokia 6230i (Cant post link, need 10 posts or more)

    I love the look of this phone, it's small, looks slick, but I do not know the price of it. The camera is not so good, and it only holds up to 512MB of data, but whatever.

    Nokia 6275 (Cant post link, need 10 posts or more)

    This phone does not look as nice as the 6230i, and is a lot larger. But it holds 2 GB of data and has a 2.0 MP camera. I am leaning towards this one, but I dunno. Price on both of these phones would be nice.

    Lots of details and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    ~K man

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    Re: New to Cells, new to forums. Need help from someone experienced.

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