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    Hello, guys!
    I have a very annoying problem. I've made a large amount of notifications and ringtones by myself (in MP3), I put them in the right folders ("storage/emulated/Alarms - Notifications - Ringtones"), but every time - EVERY time - I restart the Mate 8, I lose the link to my notifications/ringtones. Example: for Whatsapp I have set a "Whatsapp.mp3" file, but when the smartphone restarts, it changes with the "default" notification. And that pisses me off every time.
    I have installed Sound Profile to set my profile widgets, but it happens also without Sound Profile.
    Is there a way to solve the problem?
    Thank you very much, in advance...

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    Re: My notifications and ringtones in MP3...

    if you have a problem in setting up a new ringtone for your WhatsApp notifications then download this Hidden Content to fix it, because it has lot of features and functions.

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    Re: My notifications and ringtones in MP3...

    Hidden Content Thank you bro

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