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    I am asking this question, because i currently have one ringtone, which is the "quick to back down" ringtone...which is a voice ringtone...note that the ringtone was downloaded from t-mobile, and it is a .smaf file...

    So i was wondering if anyone knew a way i could make my own ringtones as .smaf or .mmf format from a wav format?

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    yeah you can. you need a program by yamaha though, ma-2. do a google search for yamaha ma-2. you need a program like goldwave or some song editing program so you can save a segment of a file(no longer than 10 seconds), as 8000khz in 16 bit mono. then you open ma-2, drag and drop file into the program and it automatically converts it to mmf. watch out for file sizes though. they tend to get large easily.

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