Hello, friends.
Did any of you compare images made by different phones? I didn't compare many, but I have found significant difference between Samsung Wave 5 mpx and Sony Ericsson k750i 2 mpx.

I can say, that K750i looks much better. And it's not because of colors. Samsung images have nice realistic colors. BUT! There's a filter, which makes 90% images a crap. I'm talking about a kind of "smart blur" effect which automatically applied to every photo made by Wave. Did you notice it? If you make a photo of somebody's face or a car, it will look pretty nice because the filter will clean the picture making the face or car surface almost ideal. But try to take a picture of grass, forest, sand, river or sea and so on and you'll see the difference. It will blur every leaf or piece of grass to a single indistinguishable cloud of one common color. This makes its 5 mpx camera useless.

The Wave's filter leaves the borders of each object sharp, but blurs its internal area. When you take a picture of grass, the filter thinks that the grass is a single object and blurs it all. And you even cannot disable this function. My previous cell (k750i) with its 2 mpx camera didn't blur pictures and my photographs were so sharp, so crispy, that it looks much better even today.

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