hello. i have been busting my brain without a clear resolution for about two weeks trying to make the right choice of a carrier, given my very specific needs. because i live in an area with virtually no service, i am limited to either a mini cell tower set up or wifi calling. I am with verizon now, with mini cell tower, which works poorly, and I hate verizon. since i work at home, have fios business class service, i would like to make most of my calls on wifi and i would like to find a carrier who will not charge me minutes for wifi calls or data downloads (I feel this is double charging since I am already paying for fios/internet and want to route my traffic on my internet connection). But I also want some kind of cell service when i go off the mountain occasionally. one other need is that i will be traveling to greece and turkey in october and expect i will want to purchase a european sim card while there. understand i will have to unlock the phone to swap sim cards and understand europe is gms standard. finally, i've settled on a Note II since a) i can benefit visually from size and b) i like the stylus function. could a kind person see through all the tech details and carrier deceptions to advise me on a) best carrier for me and b) exactly which model of Note II will work for my requirements? i would be very appreciative of your comments. thank you.

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