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    Re: Sports betting

    Hello everyone! Do any of you bet on the NBA? It would be interesting to chat with my like-minded people)

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    Re: Sports betting

    Hey! Yes, I have been in the NBA and basketball betting in general for over 5 years now and I am good at it.
    By the way, I want to give advice to beginners. It is better to bet on a point spread in Basketball. This will give you the highest profit and win rate for your bets. You can learn more about this at the article about NBA Betting Odds
    This article explains in detail what a point spread bet is and how to make money on it. Good luck!

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    Re: Sports betting

    I usually place bets just for fun and for a small amount.

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    Re: Sports betting

    It can be profitable, provided that you spend a lot of time studying sports statistics and begin to understand well all the small details of sports. But don't expect to become a millionaire through betting, learn to accept failure, it's necessary.

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