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    ok i got tzones and i need to know where i should go on the phone to get free ringtones! i tred 3gforfree but that is for sprint! i need somthing and i know you guys are the best to come to for the answer so hook me up guys

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    A year ago when I had my SE T300 with t-zones I could just enter the url of where I found the ringtone and it would download it... May have changed with the tighter security...

    Well, try the way I said, and for finding those ringtones you can use http://alltheweb.com to run an audio search or http://musicrobot.com was a good MIDI search engine of its time...
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    or you can go to google and search "mp3 ringtones" or "midi ringtones" or "(your phone model) ringtones" and plenty of sites will pop up, you might want to type free too just to make sure the ringtones are free
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