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    The UK will soon see the arrival of the Dell Venue Pro, which comes with a sliding QWERTY keyboard and comes as a touchscreen device. The Dell Venue Pro is said to arrive on November 8 in the UK, unlocked, for a price of 499.99 ($785). As you can see, this phone doesn't come cheap.

    The US is also expected to get the Dell Venue Pro, via T-Mobile as well. UK customers can now pre-order the Venue Pro at Expansys.

    Features of the Dell Venue Pro include: Windows Phone 7, Xbox Live, Zune, Office, 4.1 inch AMOLED display, 5MP camera with flash, and MicroSD card support.

    via: UK will get the WP7 Dell Venue Pro in November-dell-venue-pro-windows-phone-7-uk-unlocked.jpg

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    Re: UK will get the WP7 Dell Venue Pro in November

    well actually a touchscreen cellphone, but it is an expensive and largely have beautiful color and is also one solid object even though it is expensive packing is important is not easily corrupted.

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    Re: UK will get the WP7 Dell Venue Pro in November

    Hey guys, here's this link I found where you can sign up to get email alerts or alerts sent straight to your phone about the Venue Pro. It takes like 5 seconds to sign up and I've already gotten an email update. It's supposed to let you know when this phone goes on sale and send you discounts for it! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

    Oh and does anyone else love that design on the back of the phone? So different, I love it!

    Here's the site-- Sign Up

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    Re: UK will get the WP7 Dell Venue Pro in November

    The design is attractive,but the price is creepy.

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    Re: UK will get the WP7 Dell Venue Pro in November

    This looks great! I'd really like a phone with a Front Facing Camera. But the price is not reasonable.

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