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    What is the resolution offered by the screen of the Dell Streak 7?

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    Re: Resolution of Dell Streak 7

    The 7-inch 800 x 480 glossy screen has strong viewing angles both from extreme left-right and titled positions. However, the glossy surface, which is made of durable Corning Gorilla Glass, is a fingerprint magnet and shows lots of imprints when held up to a light source. Colors look true, but are not nearly as vivid as those produced by the Galaxy Tab.

    Unfortunately, the 800 x 480-pixel screen resolution is a huge disadvantage for the Streak 7, particularly when compared to the Galaxy Tab's 1024 x 600 display. When you consider that most Android phones have the same resolution, the Streak 7 lacks one of the most important benefits slates have over handsets. This paltry amount of screen real estate effectively prevents the Streak 7 from having dual-paneled apps such as the Galaxy Tab's Calendar, or from showing most web pages at full width without zooming out.

    Also, because it fits fewer pixels into its 7-inch panel, each dot is larger. Graphics in games such as Angry Birds and Asphalt looked much less sharp than they did on the Galaxy Tab.
    Like all but the cheapest tablets, the Dell Streak 7 uses a capacitive digitizer that supports multitouch gestures. In our testing, the device was responsive to our taps and pinch-to-zoom was extremely smooth in all applications, particularly the browser.

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