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For those Apple followers who wonder about the upcoming iPhone 5, or whatever it may be named, some news has just come out. The soon-released iPhone is going to have a larger screen. The rumored size is four inches or just a bit larger. With the likes of the Samsung Note, the HTC One X and the Galaxy SIII, the designers at Apple must have felt inspired by their competition. The Note has 5.3 inches of digital real estate to offer its users. The three and a half inches of the former iPhones look kind of puny in comparison.

The Reuters and Wall Street Journal companies announced that the new iPhone will have four inches of eye candy to offer on the screen. The resolution is not yet known, but the bigger size is expected to be included soon. June is expected to be the target month to get started on the larger screens and later this Fall is to be the release date. Production has been seen at LG plants in South Korea, and the Sharp Display unit in Japan. The sixth-generation iPhone will not be something that Steve Jobs would have liked. He was quick to point out that the larger size would mean more work for programmers. The Android mobile operating system has been plagued with fragmentation, thanks to its many versions across many phones. Steve Jobs was wary of that. Now that he is no longer a guiding light at Apple, other voices have prevailed.

The upper limit of size for the upcoming iPhone is expected to be four inches. Other changes are also going to take place. The dock connector is going to be downsized. That will mean a new adapter or new cables for buyers who want to hook up their future iPhone to their computer. Some are also saying that the glass backing will also disappear. A metal back is expected for the next iPhone. The home button will stay as it is. Android has already advanced to no longer need physical buttons on the front of their smartphones.

The iPhone 4 and 4S models are being slowed down in production at Apple factories. Radio Shack is also giving discounts in efforts to get rid of old stock. With these signs, the next version of the iPhone and its newly resized screen should be in the hands of fans in just a short while.