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The Cell Phone Forums Vendor subscription allows your company to post exclusive threads advertising your products and services directly to forum members.

Many companies are already using the Vendor subscription to their advantage. These companies have been successful because Cell Phones Forums gets tens of thousands of potential customers a day, and is highly optimized for search engines. Our most active vendors are seeing the most benefit from their subscriptions and are are making sales on a daily basis.

To see examples of what vendors have done with their subscription, view this page, click on a vendor under the vendor section, and select "Find latest started threads" under their profile.


Basic Vendor Subscription:
  • Vendor decorated username
  • Private Message storage increase (500)
  • Edit, delete and lock your own posts
  • Post images & links in your signature
  • Post new ads/threads in the Cell Phone Market forum
  • Your own CPF Blog with unlimited posting
  • Access to vendor only private forums
  • 5 new ads/threads per week, per forum

Vendor Plus Subscription:
All of the above plus:

Your own support forums under the Cell Phone Market. With a support forum you can allow your customers to easily ask questions, and find what services you offer. You can post special promotions or even run contests if you wish.
  • Unlimited amount of posts in your support forum
  • You become the moderator of your support forum
  • Lock, edit, and remove threads/posts
  • Stick threads
  • Post announcements
  • Your choice of forum name & description
  • Appears on the forum homepage

  • Private message storage increase to 1000 messages

Rules & Conditions

  • The vendor subscription is self serve. Cell Phone Forums staff is not responsible for posting or maintaining advertisements
  • Cell Phone Forums makes no warranty or guarantee of traffic received to your advertisements or linked to websites
  • Cell Phone Forums makes no warranty or guarantee of sales received through your advertisements
  • Replies to existing ads/threads are unlimited
  • Ads should be posted in good taste and not contain any lude or otherwise objectionable content
  • Any ads may be edited, moved, or removed at the discretion of the Cell Phone Forums staff
  • You may not post and ad within an existing ad posted by another vendor
  • Auto posting programs are not allowed. All posts must be made by people
  • Vendors may not post advertising under different usernames without purchasing multiple vendor subscriptions
  • These rules may be added to or updated at any time

Payment shall be made through the payment interface located here. Currently only Paypal is accepted. The subscription will auto-renew until canceled.

Cancellation of Subscription
Upon cancellation of the Cell Phone Vendor subscription, threads created by your vendor account will be removed. If you have a support forum it will be taken offline. If you decide to reactivate your Vendor subscription, your threads and support forum will be restored upon request.

The Cell Phone Vendor subscription and purchased ad/thread options are non-refundable.

To get started with your Cell Phone Vendor subscription please see this page. (you must be a member of the site)

Discounts for pre-payment!

Last updated 5/1/2014
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  1. dupoint's Avatar
    dupoint -
    Can I create a sub-forum like Bossspy.com does with Vendor Plus Subscription?

    See More: Article: Vendor Subscription
  1. tavenger5's Avatar
    tavenger5 -
    Quote Originally Posted by dupoint View Post
    Can I create a sub-forum like Bossspy.com does with Vendor Plus Subscription?
    A support forum comes with the Vendor Plus subscription.
  1. actionstar's Avatar
    actionstar -
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  1. phoneunlocks's Avatar
    phoneunlocks -
    I subscribed to Cell Phone Vendor Plus, can you please tell me how to start my new own support forum?
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