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    I came across a cheap and reliable bulk sms service that covers 801 networks worldwide. All you need to do is sign up to and request a free demo SMPP, HTTP API or a Web account. You can send sms with PHP, ASP, ASP .NET, Java, SOAP and XML.

    It is a really great service and you should all check it out!!

    Moren Folkson..

    See More: Bulk SMS Messages

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    Re: Bulk SMS Messages

    In the 21st century there is no need to explain the importance of mobile phone in the lives of modern people. According to a recent study, in the present time almost every person of the civilized society own one and even more than one mobile phone, some for necessity and some for show-off. Such huge popularity of the mobile phone has raised a new mass medium through which business promotion and advertising has become much easier. This modern innovative way of marketing and promotion is known as SMS marketing, and the system through which this is performed is called bulk SMS.

    Bulk SMS the name itself suggests what it is all about and how the service is served. Well, in simple language bulk SMS is the service through which SMS messages are sent to thousands of mobile phones. The entire process is done in simple way by using computer, internet and a specialized software. After an extensive research the experts have come to the conclusion that as modern people are very busy in their life, they get very less time to spend with the conventional media, like television, radio and the print media. But, mobile phone is such an element that people carry and love to carry with them all day long. That's why in order to reach the masses efficiently the mobile phone medium would be a perfect medium.

    The experts have also identified that simple SMS messages can do wonder if used strategically and when it comes to product or service promotion then this medium would be a perfect choice. With the help of bulk SMS, if promotional messages are sent to the target people then the sales of the product or service can increase a lot.

    The primary benefits associated with bulk SMS are:

    - Reaching masses at cheaper costs would be possible with bulk SMS. As very low cost is associated with bulk SMS, you will not have to give much pressure on your accounts book.

    - No technological hassles, therefore no wastage of effort. To send bulk SMS you just need to have a computer with internet connection and a software, thats it! With the help of these three elements, you will be able to manage the entire system of bulk SMS with ease.

    - Reaching to your target people will not be a matter of concern for you. Collect the mobile numbers of your target people from the directories and send them message.

    Here are the advantages of bulk SMS:

    1. It’s timeless. The bulk of SMS is a new media form which is fashion and novel. It instant sends and reach to million of people. It has incomparable timeliness than browsing TV advertisement and voluminous newspaper advertising.

    2.It’s flexible. The issues time, area, quantity and content is flexible, they are easily to control. You can send them in any occasion.

    3. It’s targeted. The bulk of SMS is targeted at cell phone users which is a high level of consumption. It is the best one to one marketing way to appeal consumers. The recipient can save the message immediately, consult and send them to friends.

    4. It is high return. According to different recipient they can deliver different information, in order to promote the temptation to the greatest extent.

    5. It is low cost. Its cost is ten percent of the traditional media. It can help you to save large amount of advertising expenses.

    info (at)

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    Re: Bulk SMS Messages

    Text automatically translated from: Portuguese to: English
    I found a site that has SMS to 0.028 € (
    Home Page
    Anyone know a website that has cheaper sms

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    Re: Bulk SMS Messages

    in a multiple platform? wow.. and working on various providers too.. ?

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