Giffgaff is a small mobile provider in the UK, which piggyback O2's network. My advice below might work against other mobile provider as well.

They claim to offer truly unlimited mobile internet usage, unless other network which have a fair usage policy, they don't have one, because they are offering truly unlimited mobile internet.

As some of you might be in one of the following positions. When you are barred for data usages, either because gg claims that:

1. You are tethering
2. You are using so much data, they claim that you are disrupting other giffgaff users.

There are ways out, I had been permanently barred for data usage before. But I have also got it unbarred afterwards. I am going to teach you how.

If they claim you are tethering, ask them to prove it. Because they only say that they believe that you are tethering, there is no technology that can detect this. I have worked for the different telcom so I know what they can and can't do.

If you are afraid that Giffgaff might bar you one day, you should ask them via ask an agent, to explain their terms & conditions clearly. As they like to use the excuse that you have violated their terms & condition, so ask them for more details now.

I also asked Giffgaff what the limit is for their unlimited internet usage. They sent me the term & condition, so I asked them to tell me exactly what the limit is, they told me there isn't any limit, but if you disrupt other users, they can bar you. So ask them exactly the amount of data used in order to be classified as "disrupt other users". They will come back and say that depends, then ask them depends on what, keep on asking them these questions. If they never tell you the exact answer of how much data usage will be classfied as "disrupt other users", then you haven't done anything wrong.

That was what happened when I got permanently barred for data usage, but I have asked them many questions before they barred me. So when I appealed, they told me that they had warned me that if I used excessive data usage, then they had no choice but to bar me. So I ask them if they never told me the limit or how much data usage will be classified as excessive (remember their data usage is supposed to be unlimited), how could I prevent from breaking the term & condition? They failed to reply me with any reasonable answers for my questions. After a few weeks, they gave up because they failed to explain to me properly why they barred me and how I had broken the term & condition even though I gave them 13 chances to explain to me before my appeal. I had fallen into the "being barred permanently" condition because they failed to give me proper customer advice as well as failed to let me know the exact amount of data usuage to be classified as excessive.

I believe that we all need to know our consumer rights in order to be a happy consumer.

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