I am an American university student and will be studying abroad in Denmark for the fall. This will include weekend travel all around the EU.

I am realizing how hard it is to find a phone that has the features I need, so I figured I would ask if anyone has any relevant knowledge.

I am looking for a phone that I can buy a Danish/European simcard to use it with, and pay for minutes/texts/internet as I go. Also, I want a phone that will work back here in the US with a pay-as-you-go provider, for example Virgin Mobile.

-QWERTY keyboard
-headset jack
-internet (at least enough to email/facebook and book flights/hostels on the go)
-Decent battery life (I am willing to get an extra battery)
-Something that wont shatter if dropped (does not need to be invincible but not like the iphone screen)
-micro SD card slot
-speaker phone, vibrate, alarm, etc

touch screen (along with a qwerty)
mobile hotspot

I realize no phone has everything, but if anyone has any phones like this, know of anyone who does, or traveled around the EU with a good device, please share your thoughts!


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