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    Hello all !

    I just want to say that i'm with fido since 5 years now, very satisfy with the service and i did have 3 phones with them witch is:

    - Nokia 5190
    - Nokia 3390
    - Sony Ericsson Z600 !

    The Z600 is the latest (doh). I got it for only 50$ with a 2 years agreement because i wanted to switch to Telus

    So far, (only 3 days) i like the Z600, but i'm looking for some feature that i really like on my Nokia like the way we can bind the numeric keys to call phone number.

    Let say that i wanted to call my home, i press for 2 sec the number #5 keys and it was dialing automatic.

    Now i cannot find this feature it seem with the Sony... oh well, i can takes pitures now

    What you guys think about Fido btw ?


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    Canada, eh?

    I've been with Fido for the longest time too... 4-5 years too..

    I had the 5190 until like last year .. then finally bought a new phone... the 5100...

    then I was huge bonehead and left it in the laundry, so it's completely wrecked... so I just got a new 3100 with a new 2 year agreement

    you got the Z600 for only $50?!?!!?

    did you just tell them you wanted to switc hand they gave you a discount?!
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    Originally posted by CanuckMania

    did you just tell them you wanted to switc hand they gave you a discount?!

    Yes i did that. I was not attached to a contract, and the flip phone at telus look great.

    So i called them and i told them that i was looking very seriously to go with telus, but i was wondering what they can do for me before i go.

    So they transfered me to the retention departement. So now i have the 50$ deal with that great phone! + 3 months unlimited call because i accept a 2 years contracts

    that was easy


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    I just switched over to Fido in the new year after being with Telus for many years. I like how you can have unlimitied minutes a decent price and use any phone that you can swap in the sim card.

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    TanGU, if you want speed dial on your phone, just find where it says position list (I think its in the phonebook) assosiate a person's name with a number (1-9), and you're done. Then just push the number and hit call to call.

    I'm also on Fido with a T616 BTW.

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    ^^ u cant use 1 as a speed dial cuz its used as voicemail. also i hav been w/ prepaid paying 10$ per month for about 5 years now but just about a year ago i switched to a monthly plan "unlimited incomving calls" looked soo good... i discontinued my landline. fido is so great. mad seeg

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