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    I'm on Fido (aka Rogers Jr) in Toronto.

    Right now I've a Sony Ericson Z200 that has had serious reception issues. Exchanged it once (shortly after purchase), had the battery repaired just after that.

    I'm looking at the selection available on Fido's site and trying to chose something reasonable to replace the deadbeat Z200.

    Looking at the LG1300i, the Motorola V180 and the LG2000, but would be willing to hear out better suggestions.

    I'm just past the 1/2 way mark on my 2-yr Fido contract, so no freebies or hefty discounts, but they are offering a $50 discount + $40 rebate of Fido dollars. Hoping that will cushion the blow.

    Bells and whistles not necessary. Reception is the prime focus.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


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    All the phones that you mentioned are of clam shell design. It sounds like you prefer the clam shell than the others. I have used Sony Ericcson T310, Samsung E316 and Nokia 6020. As for reception, both E316 and 6020 are good and T310 is not so good. That probably is due to the fact that both E316 and 6020 have 850MHz but not T310. The comments that I heard from friends are that LG and Motorola are not very reliable, their phones get bad after a few months. Anyway, listen to more comments from the actual users by talking to your friends.

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    whatever u do if u want to improve your reception get a phone w/ 850.

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