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    I just purshased a Treo 750 and I would like to set up the Blackberry Connect application. I am a Fido subscriber and I have the Blackberry Connection option active.

    I have tried 5 BBConnect versions (,,,,

    The, and versions, the BBConnect service status stays at "Stopped" and PIN is Pending.
    The and versions, the BBConnect service status goes from "Network Available" to "Data Tunnel Available" then to "Not Connected". The PIN is Pending. When the status is on "Data Tunnel Available", I am getting an IP adresse for a very brief moment.

    Is there any other BBConnect version compatible with the Treo 750?

    Has anyone been able to use the application BBConnect with another smartphone than Nokia E62?

    In need of ideas. Help!

    Thank you,

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    Re: BBconnect - Treo 750

    Treo 750 has BB Connect only via VersaMail (a service/program provided and supported by Rogers only so far). However, Fido does not provide FIDO users the VersaMail support and thus will not work with push email. I know Palm advertises on their website to be able to send/receive emails but these smartphone are NOT true BBConnect via the BES or BIS service which RIM devices utilize. Unless Fido provide support to Treo/smartphone users with compatible VersaMail-like programs to communicate between your unit and FIDO, otherwise it will not work. I have a Treo 750 myself when it first came out but if someone has a TREO 750 and is getting email via FIDO BBConnect.... feel free to share.

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