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    Okay, well the title kind of say a bit of what my problem is..anyways
    a month ago the phone I bought with my simcard broke. My brother had 3 phones so he gave me one. I took his Rogers Motorola V360, its unlocked for fido. But when i had my other phone i played around with it and put a simcard lock on it. I forgot i put that there and when i tried unlocking it on the motorola gave me 3 chances(which i all got wrong) and said to contact my serivce provider. I went to fido and they said i either have to my a new simcard or buy a another fido phone. Honestly, i think theres a way to get it working. Please, can someone help me out?

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    Re: Unlocked rogers phone & a locked fido simcard.

    usually when you enter the sim card pin wrong a couple of time it should say enter PUK # which you can get from fido, but i think you burned the sim card and you should just buy a new one. the phone is unlocked so its good to go with a new fido sim card.

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