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    Alright, I've gotten a bit behind on my fido bill and they keep calling at my home number for their money, I don't blame them. I haven't payed my bill in some time. It's sitting just shy of $200, and I'm not on a signed or fixed contract. Just a simple month to month kinda thing I pay $50/month for plus tax.
    It's an incredibly good plan, it's just I lost my job and wasn't able to keep up.
    Fido cut my service as expected, yet still charged me for a full month of service I could not use. I have an idea on how to get that charge removed, and bypass the waiting for like 5 days before my account is reactivated after I pay it off.
    Tax time is soon so I'm gonna get a decent return. Basically, what I'm gonna do is go to a fido store with the money to pay off the initial $200.00
    I'm also gonna be getting quite a sum of money from a GIC that unlocks a little later into the month. I'm gonna get the fido store guy to call Fido customer service, as fido stores can not adjust your bill. And talk with the accounts receivable dept. I'm gonna tell them that I have the $200 ready to pay off the account, If they take off the extra $67 they charged me plus reactivate my account the same day. Then tell them if they do this for me, I'll pay off an additional 3 months of service aswell.
    Does anyone think this might work?
    My plan currently is:
    100 day minutes I don't really use
    Unlimited evenings/weekends
    Unlimited incoming calls
    2500 outgoing texts
    Unlimited incoming texts
    1000 picture messages/month
    1000 video messages/month
    caller id with name display
    call forwarding
    call waiting
    fido mobilemail
    enhanced voicemail (50 message inbox)
    Mobile backup
    Unlimited mobile browsing

    See More: Dealing with fido's accounts receivable dept.
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