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    Hi, I'm on the $20 monthly Fido package 2 years contract.

    The $20 monthly has:

    50 Min
    50 Sent Text
    Unlimited Text receive
    Unlimited after 7pm weekend and weekdays.

    On my bill, it said 39 Text Received $0 charged and 33 Text Sent $4.95 charged...

    This is wrong, I have 50 sent for free. How did they end up charging me?

    My bill went up to $42.56 (I went over 19min airtime) + 33 text sent $4.95...

    Any ideas? I was trying to call in for rep but their office is now closed.

    Any of you ever happened to you?

    See More: Got charged for Sent text messaging.

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    Re: Got charged for Sent text messaging.

    Sometimes errors can be made. When I was with Rogers they charged me minutes that were free (during the evenings). I am sure you have the issue resolved by now =)
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    Re: Got charged for Sent text messaging.

    What this sounds like to me is Prorata. If you have switched to one of our new basic plans through you're billing cycle it would result in us not charging you the whole PP (20$), but in turn you would recieve only a partial amount of SMS messages. In this case 30 or so. check your bill summary for a Tilte called Partial Charges... should be on page 5. Hope this helps //cpc
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    Re: Got charged for Sent text messaging.

    there maybe a feature missing in your account call a CSR and have it fixed

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