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    Last Thursday I got an incoming text from an Unknown caller ID to my Sony Ericcson pay-as-you-go cellphone. It basically deleted all of my stored text messages and prevents me from sending or receiving new text messages. Has anyone experienced this?! I've looked up other text msg virus' and this doesn't appear like the Symbian sort I've read about. The rest of the phone functions fine. Wondering what course of action but am assuming I will have to replace the phone. Any help appreciated.

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    Re: Text msg virus?

    Hi from Toronto,
    I got one of those messages yesterday. It didn't have a number assigned to it and it was just a bunch of jibberish. Now I'm not receiving messages and I'm not sure if my messages are sending either.
    I'm SO pissed!!!
    >^,,^< ~ROAR

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    Re: Text msg virus?

    A text message virus is very unlikely however stranger things have happened. What I would recommend in this case is preforming a Re-store to Defaults.

    Goto Settings > General > Master Reset.

    You won't loose any personal data.

    If you're text messages still are coming in verify the text message centre number in phone is set to: +1 514 993-1123. After this power cycle your phone off and on. Depending on you're phone model you may need to contact a Fido CSR to preform a "Resend to Switch" on you're account to program the number.

    If these Basic steps haven't solved you're issue, and you've verified deleting the stored messages has no effect give us a call at 1 888 481 3436 WHILE NOT ON YOUR FIDO PHONE ! So we can do some advance troubleshooting.
    //cpc REP ID 10751
    If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]
    (Please Never Send Account Numbers or Info!)

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