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    On my iphone I was fiddling around with the gsm codes and I lost my fido voicemail phone number so I cant listen to my voicemail. I didnt forget my password.. I am talking about when you hold 1 it goes to voicemail... but the number it dials for voicemail is wrong now.

    when I hold 1 I get the message of somone saying "this number is a local 10 digit call etc"

    Can somone help me find the right number I cant listen to my voicemail now.

    I looked on a website and they said call
    1 416 822-1123 for Central Ontario

    I did , they asked for my phone number and the answering machine thing said that number is invalid...

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    Re: Fido Voicemail number?

    hey, you never mentioned which area are you from.

    in Vancouver VM # is 604 618-1123

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    Re: Fido Voicemail number?

    Hola no tengo idea de como llamar al buzon de mensajes, estoy en montreal, me dijeron que dejara oprimido el numero 1 pero no fucniona, me muestra un mensaje q dice que no aplicacion desconocida

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