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    I notice a third party charge on my fido bill from this 33445 Sprized. It says 15 Qty which cost $2 each to a total of $30.

    Apparently, I called fido, they told me its from 3rd party and they are not the one who is getting the money, so they cannot waived the charges.

    Anyone had similar problem with this company Sprized before? Did anyone actually have their unwanted charge waived?

    See More: Third party charges from 33445 Sprized - Fido
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    Re: Third party charges from 33445 Sprized - Fido

    I had the same experience, it is a nightmare to fix. The carrier said I must have consented. When you get the next text type in stop and send seems to work.
    I know it came from a pop-up ad that I hit the x box to get rid of it then it took me to a joke page. Should be outlawed and is totally fraud.
    lesson do not put your mobile # on anything

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