Is Your Iphone 3GS works only with one sim card ?
This is mean that Your Iphone 3GS is locked (simlock) and can be use only with sim card from network You bought it.

If You like to use Your 3GS with other sim cards (if Your phone uses Vodafone and You wish to use Orange) You need to unlock it.

Sim-unlock.net is specialising in fast and easy phone unlocking. We are using the latest unlocking technology, that's why the unlocking with us save time and problems.
You don't need any special skills or knowledge to unlock Your 3GS .

So Your iPhone 3GS is locked to Fido and You can't use it with eg rogers, at&t, telus or koodo ?

Now You can unlock Your iPhone to use all sim card.

Permanent unlocking allow You to change Your iPhone iOS without relocking.

On this video You can watch unlocking procedure

To get unlocking code for Iphone 3GS please do as follow:

1. go to sim-unlock.net and choose Your Iphone model or go directly to unlock by code Iphone 3GS
2. press "Unlock Iphone 3GS"
3. Choose unlock product for Your Iphone ( in some cases only one product is available )
4. Enter your Iphone IMEI number and if needed other required information.
5. press "order code"
6. at shopping cart fill all needed information like name, e-mail and others
7. Pay for an unlock code
8. after average time (check how much it takes for chosen product) You will receive all codes and unlock guide to Your Iphone 3GS .

How to enter unlock code to Iphone 3GS ?

After receiving information about the fact that the IMEI has been saved to the database Apple, do as following:

1. Connect your iPhone 3GS to your computer by using USB cable

2. Launch iTunes

3. information about available updates for your iPhone will shown, upload them

4. iPhone 3GS is unlocked now

Sometimes necessary to change the software to the highest available version.

We need Your Iphone 3GS IMEI number to unlock it.
Try sim-unlock.net whitout any fear.
Unlocking by code Iphone 3GS is easy, fast and cheap.
After unlock Your Iphone 3GS You can use it with any sim card.

Why unlock Iphone 3GS and why choose sim-unlock.net ?
- there is no risk of damage Your Iphone 3GS by unlocking it.
- unlock your Iphone 3GS without leaving home
- after unlock You can take advantage of cheaper tariffs from locally competing networks while abroad
- we give 100% support in case of any problems while unlocking Your Iphone 3GS
- opportunity to buy a foreign SIM card in another country to avoid roaming charges
- can be used each sim card from all world

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