Today's release of iSync (v1.4) adds support for

Nokia 3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 7650, N-Gage, and Siemens SX1

to the package without requiring the hack previously used by some users.
Although the web site states compatibility with GSM versions of the
handset only, support is actually present for all versions of the listed
devices including PCS, DCS, etc. (handwaving applied here).

The update is available using Software Update or from

If you have previously hacked your SymbianConduit.bundle to support
phones like the Nokia 6600 you do /not/ need to remove or replace your
changed files before running the update: the update will overwrite some
files which you changed and leave some extra files where they are, doing
no harm except using up a little extra filespace.

The icon for the Nokia 6600 is very nice. Functionality of iSync is
unchanged except that you no longer get an error for the phone about the
connection being closed unexpectedly and you should not need to log out
and in again to get synchs to work.

Using pre-release version of newsreader.
Please tell me if it does weird things.

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