I have a Falcom A2D modem that requires hardware handshaking before a
connection can be established through the serial port. The terminal I
want to connect to the Falcom modem is a Nokia 9210i Communicator.

Connecting to the Falcom modem from my PC using HyperTerminal works
like a breeze - however I fail miserably when trying to connect to the
Falcom modem from the Communicator.

The development tool I use is AppForge. In the AppForge documentation
it is stated, that the 9200 series does not support hardware
handshake, and this seems to be consistent with the Nokia
documentation (had to look very long to find that, though, and I am
not still sure exactly what the Communicator can and cannot do).

Any suggestions as to how I can make the two devices talk are greatly

best regards,

Christian Ernstsen

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