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    PDA Man wrote:
    > Is it TMOBILE? Is it ATTWS? This is gonna be FUN!!
    > Cingular Wireless has gotten approval from its parent companies SBC
    > Communications and BellSouth to acquire another leading U.S. carrier. The
    > news means Cingular could acquire one of its rivals by as early as next
    > year. It has also sparked the latest round of "guess which carriers will
    > merge". Insiders are betting that Cingular will make a bid for either AT&T
    > Wireless or T-Mobile. T-Mobile's parent, Deutsche Telekom, has denied recent
    > merger rumors, saying it is dedicated to its U.S. operation. Most insiders
    > are currently betting on a Cingular/AT&T Wireless merger. Such a move would
    > create a North American GSM carrier with more than 40 million subscribers.
    > SOURCE : Businessweek Online (Subscription
    > Required),gvx7,5kmr
    > ,bqzq
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    I live in a Western Wireless market, and I have heard rumours that
    Cingular was interested in Western Wireless, but that Verizon Wireless
    took legal action against it because of spectrum. Western Wireless
    would make a good addition to any of the larger carriers.

    The feds might allow an AT&T Wireless / Cingular merger. With rumours
    that AT&T wants to change its name, and AT&T degrading services, it just
    might be possible. Plus, AT&T operates in many of the same markets that
    Cingular operates in.


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    Re: NEWS: Cingular Gets Approval for Acquisition Deal as Soon As

    > Actually, WW and Cingular would be a good marriage. There's no problem with
    > bandwith because WW and Cingular do NOT compete in most markets. There are
    > 13 states in which Cingular has no coverage at all. WW was the company who
    > started VoiceStream (yes, they started it)

    It's kind of funny....WW sold Voicestream because it was never going to
    become profitable or popular...and look at T-Mobile now.

    > In those 13 states, WW has a HUGE footprint and could easily be a great
    > target for Cingular (although the population is primarily rural), but would
    > give them access to their own network and not paying WW for roaming (And WW
    > is running 3 standards now, that's gotta eat a lot of unused bandwidth)

    I live in a WW market, and I have heard rumours that WW is going to sell
    out when the time is right. Lately, I've heard many rumours that
    Cingular is going to buy WW. I'm not sure how true those rumours are,
    but WW is building GSM overlay...

    So, WW actually runs AMPS, TDMA, CDMA, and GSM -- FOUR standards. I
    mean, there was a press release some time ago that WW was going to build
    a GSM/GPRS network exclusively for the use of Cingular/T-Mobile roamers.
    Doesn't that sound interesting? I have to admit, I think the
    "Cellular One" brand is doomed, it has too many bad things attached to it.


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    Re: NEWS: Cingular Gets Approval for Acquisition Deal as Soon As

    WAW wrote:
    > I think that if anything happens, it will be a Cingular/AT&T Wireless
    > deal. Here's what I see AT&T Wireless doing to make themselves
    > attractive (off the top of my head):
    > -Dropping their IT Payroll down to almost zilch. Brings up the
    > profitability.
    > -Selling off all overseas stakes in other providers. Ditto.
    > -Recent focus in financials on profitability. They've moved from
    > "here's how many new people we're getting" to "here's how much we're
    > making per subscriber".
    > I also found it interesting that Rogers in Canada will be dropping the
    > "AT&T" from their name, again some time in mid '04.
    > Finally, I think it would be easier to work around NTT's 16% stake in
    > AWE than D. Telekom's hold on TMobile.

    Yes, however, if there was a Cingular/AT&T WS deal, I think that the
    newly formed wirless carrier would probably ally T-Mobile more than
    crush it (at least for now). Cingular/T-Mobile have some attractive
    deals going on with each other, and I think the new company and T-Mobile
    would "swap" coverage areas, meaning that T-Mobile would be responsible
    for building out into more rural areas in some instances, and Cingular
    would be responsible to build out in other areas, thus helping spread
    the GSM coverage.

    I also think that Cingular is very interested in Western Wireless.
    Western Wireless, being primarily a rural wireless service provider, is
    not very profitable, if at all (depending upong the time). I have heard
    rumours that Western Wireless is going to sell out to Cingular, and
    suddenly right after those rumours, Western Wireless announced it is
    going to build an 850/1900 GSM/GPRS network (interesting, isn't it?).
    the acquisition of Western Wireless, which almost all of the markets it
    operates in do not overlap with Cingular markets, would hardly be a
    problem with 850 A/B spectrum cap. It would also give Cingular a huge
    advantage to have a much larger native network.

    Not only that, but AT&T and Cingular are Western's largest roaming
    partners, and AT&T alone controls almost 20% of Western's revenue from
    roaming from its own customers. If a Cingular/AT&T deal were to arise,
    Western Wireless would be at the mercy of the new carrier not only for
    revenue, but also for allowing its customers to roam. Of course,
    there's also the idea of a hostile takeover, too.

    If Cingular/AT&T/Western Wireless could all unite, I think we would see
    (after the bugs worked out) a massively large, stable, native network
    coverage area.


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    Re: NEWS: Cingular Gets Approval for Acquisition Deal as Soon As

    Clay wrote:
    > Western is a CDMA carrier for their own customers. They support TDMA and now
    > GSM for roaming. They are adding GSM to their towers using 1900 mhz spectrum
    > acquired from T-Mobile (formerly voicestream who was at one time a
    > subsidiary of Western).

    Do you have any idea where these GSM 1900 areas are? So far, I only
    know of GSM 850. If I was told correctly by a Cellular One
    representative, WW is mostly cellular A and B across the board.


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    Re: NEWS: Cingular Gets Approval for Acquisition Deal as Soon As

    Clay wrote:
    > WW currenty has just over 100 towers in 5 midwest states live with GSM 1900
    > for ROAMING purposes only. WW has zero future plans to allow their own
    > subscribers to use their GSM Network. FYI WW uses Cellular A side for all of
    > their Cellular One markets and has 1 PCS market in Amarillo Texas operating
    > under the Western Wireless brand name.

    Which 5 states?


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