If a Sprint rep agrees to waive the $36 activation fee, check your bill, =
you might get charged anyway. This happened to me twice and when I =
called back I was told that the computer will sometimes automatically =
add the $36 charge even if the rep waives it.=20

Last month I replaced an existing phone and I tried to use the web site =
but it didn't work. I called Sprint and the rep said he could activate =
my new phone and that there would be no activation fee since I was an =
existing customer and I was "replacing" my phone. I was talking to the =
rep on my new phone and he said that he could not instruct me on how to =
program it if I was talking on it. I asked if he could call me on my =
land line and he said he could not. He said he could only receive calls. =
I later found out that this is not true. He said I would have to call =
back. I asked him if the next rep would activate the phone for no =
charge. He assured me that there would be no charge. I called back, got =
another rep and she said that there would definately be a charge because =
I wasn't under contract. She said that the other rep was incorrect and =
even if he had activated my phone, the computer would have put the =
charge on anyway. She said Sprint reps could not overide this charge. I =
later found out that this was also not true.=20

I decided to renew my contract and the rep assured me that I would now =
be elligble to replace my phone without a $36 charge. It was about four =
days before I called back to activate the replacement phone. The rep =
said that there would be a $36 charge and that it did not matter that I =
was under contract. She said she could waive the $36 fee if I started =
over with a new contract. I explained that I just started my new =
contract four days ago. She said I'd have to start over again if I =
wanted to avoid the fee. I explained that I had been told that there =
would be no charge if I was under contract. She said that was incorrect, =
I had to start a new contract. I was reluctant to do this because I =
didn't trust her and I didn't want any more billing screw ups. I told =
her I was just call back and get a rep that did not require this. I =
called back and the next rep said no problem, there would be no charge =
since I was under contract. A month later the charge was on my bill =
anyway. Sprint said they would credit it and I'll be checking my next =

Steve Smith

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