SL coughed up:
> I hate my LG 6000. I keep it in my pocket, and half the time it
> switches to manner mode, where I can't hear it ring. It's the stupid
> side buttons. When I'm driving, I have to flip open the phone to
> answer instead of just pusing an outside button. It is designed for
> the ocasional user, not a power user. I am going to switch back to my
> kyocera 2235, and sell this POS on ebay. It cost me nothing with my
> new every 2 and the rebate at the time. Thanks for letting me vent.
> P.S. I know about auto answer.

I have VX6100 (I'm in the future compared to you guys, talking through a
worm tunnel to the past ).

Same issue here and it's been driving me absolutely nuts. It stays in my
pocket, and /anything/ can press that stupid button set.

There really needs to be a software option that turns off all button control
while the clamshell is closed, or similar.

QUESTION: Is there something that I can place /around/ the unit to recess
the keys enough to keep them from being hit?

I'm going to repost this question in its own thread soon.

With knowledge comes sorrow.

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