I have two LG phones. One is a vx6100, which I currently use with my
Verizon account. The other is a vx2000 which I had used before the
6100. When I go to MENU on the vx2000, and press 0, and then enter the
000000 code, and then press 1 for “Service Parameters”, something
strange (to me) happens. I am first greeted with my phone’s ESN number.
But then when I press “Ok”, the next piece of information is “NAM 1
Phone Number”. The number that is shown is a number with which I am
wholly unfamiliar. When I call it from a working phone, I discover that
it seems to be someone else’s cell phone number.

On the new phone, the first phone number under the heading “Phone
Number (MDN)” is indeed my phone number. But after pressing “OK”, a new
heading comes up, “Phone Number (MIN)”, and another strange phone number
is displayed. Again, when I call it I find that it is appears to be a
working number, this time to some business.

Someone must know what all this means? Why are there other people’s
phone numbers permanently embedded in my phones? Thanks go in advance
to anyone who can shed some like on this strange phenomenon.


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