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    A new music streaming service is available for iPhone and Android OS and it's called Spotify. Spotify gives access to well over 3,000 songs that can be saved while offline. Of course this service doesn't come for free. The mentioned price for Spotify is a subscription fee of £10. Spotify is said to compete with the all too popular iTunes store.

    via: BBC NEWS | Technology | Spotify launches on mobile phones

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    Re: Spotify music service for iPhone and Android OS

    Spotify is currently the largest podcast platform by listener count in the United States. Ad revenue in 2021 is up 75% year-over-year, and premium subscriber revenue is also up 22%. We believe that investing in podcasting and the growth of the advertising side of his business provides a long runway to generate additional high margin revenue and ultimately share value, see . The pre-pandemic radio advertising market in North America alone was over $18 billion, although traditional radio listening has been in decline for many years. After all, we are seeing a significant portion of this ad spend reallocated to digital streaming services, where Spotify will be the main beneficiary.

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    Re: Spotify music service for iPhone and Android OS

    As for me, Apple Music are better than spotify

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    Re: Spotify music service for iPhone and Android OS

    Yes, Spotify is the best way to listen to music and podcasts for me.

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