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    Once you sync your iPhone, where on your PC in iTunes can you find your Contacts list?

    Also,how secure is MobileMe. I gather it syncs your contacts on the iPhone with your PC via the internet. Can anyone else see this data?


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    Re: Contacts Sync & MobileMe

    i don't own a iPhone, but do own Apple computers and a iPad.

    contacts are sync from MobileMe... when you add, edit, or delete contacts, you need to do it in MobileMe, or Mac users with Address Book sync with their MobileMe Account as far as my experience with my iPad.

    iTunes syncs your apps, podcast, music.

    As far information being secure, your iTunes and MobileMe are password protected, i'm not going to be naive and say your info is secured because of your passwords. Today the internet with so-call secured websites have so much personal information flowing in cyber-space, worrying about it has become extinct for most.

    I've been on the Apple system for about 10 years and never had a problem

    Anyone really worried about info should never go near a computer/internet... lol
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