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    Someone took advantage of my network and stole all the important files about my business. And as I saw it they even went through my personal life. My social networks were accessed. And my photos too. How do I protect myself? So that such cases do not happen again?

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    Re: My network was hacked.

    Just the word fraud makes me tingle. Sometimes it's scary to have a trivial conversation with a girl on the web. I think you understand how we communicate because of the distance. Because in case they get into my camera. And I can't even play properly. And it all started when hackers broke my network one time. How they did it, I don't know. But they succeeded and this is a fact. I had quite a lot of information about my business in the files. And various programs developed for it . And they stole it all roughly speaking. They corrupted me on my device and downloaded it to themselves. Now my genius ideas are not just mine. After that I went to a company to fight against hackers. And surprisingly they found this controller. And they were quickly caught. But the fear of fraudsters is still there. I get paranoid about it quite often.

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    Re: My network was hacked.

    Hackers have been frequenting various forums lately. So try to write less information about yourself and your personal data somewhere. At least protect yourself a little bit.

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