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    Hello. I need to find reviews about a wellcare health plans. I don't know how to properly check them for authenticity and whether they can be trusted. I will be grateful for your help.

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    Re: Should I sell my stock in WellCare Health Plans?

    Hello everyone, I think everyone knows that the elderly are already having a hard time. But WellCare Health Plans came to my rescue. This is my first year with them. I am on Medicare and WellCare Health Plans is my Part D coverage. I found out about them by reading WellCare Health Plans reviews here . There was never a problem between them getting the things I need, i.e. prescriptions, visits to the doctor, operations, etc. and payment. WellCare Health Plans also informs you of any policy changes well in advance, so you won't be in a last-minute rush to make any adjustments.

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    Re: Should I sell my stock in WellCare Health Plans?

    Original Medicare is just a starting point. It only covers doctor visits and hospital stays. You usually pay a monthly Part B premium, must meet yearly deductibles, and then pay 20% for the cost of your care. There is no limit to your out-of-pocket costs each year. Wellcare Medicare Advantage plans are affordable and provide coverage beyond Original Medicare. Wellcare plans give you Part A and part B coverage, plus valuable extras. However, they didn't fully cover my grandmother's expenses, arguing that she had good days with dementia and didn't need home care.

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