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    If you cant use gas/charcoal then you gotta do something! We used an electric grill at the welding shop because it was easy to turn on/off, didn't require supplies to operate and it cooked steaks/burgers nicely.

    Definitely worth it.

    See More: Is it worth to buy electric griddle?

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    Re: Is it worth to buy electric griddle?

    In my early googling, a lot of results are either outdated by several years, or are pushing for cast iron griddles since most people have a stove already. While we do have a stove, it's an electric one with a glass top. My wife is afraid that a standard griddle would break the glass. We don't need a griddle with a press, we just want a flat top griddle like here. Any ideas on a good quality one?

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    Re: Is it worth to buy electric griddle?

    I use mine so much that I bought one for my office kitchen. Only problem I've had is grease not draining properly into the drop bucket pooling in the corner. Love that little guy

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