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    - denim needle is a must (the shaft is stronger than a universal needle)

    - if your denim is thick but soft you need a brand new sharp needle not a bigger needle (80 should work); if your denim is thick and STIFF you *may* need a bigger needle (90 or 100, also new...but try the skinner, sharper one first)

    - trim away any interior seam allowance you can to reduce bulk

    - use a mallet to flatten the seam as much as you can (after trimming and pressing very well, of course!)

    - like someone else said, use the handwheel for the thickest parts if you don't have faith in your machine's horsepower

    - get a hump jumper (or use folded up scrap fabric or cardboard or something) to make the presser foot level; if your presser foot is at an angle when trying to go over thick seams you're going to have a bad time

    - don't use cheap thread - and make sure its 100% polyester or a poly/cotton blend (no 100% cotton or nylon)

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    Re: Any tips for sewing through thick denim?

    You’ll get more bang for your buck with a used machine. Buy the best that you can afford in order to grow into the features; this machine marketed as beginner are too gimmicky. Avoid machines with electronic displays, etc. You want knobs to turn, not digital buttons to tap. Look for an old Pfaff with IDT (Pfaff’s term for a walking foot); some of the ones from the eighties are in high demand because this is workhorses.

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    Re: Any tips for sewing through thick denim?

    I posted part of this response to answer another similar question. Not everyone likes to buy a used machine as their first one or if the machine is a gift. The Singer 3323 has a good assortment of features including an automatic buttonholer which is great. It is also a mechanical machine (rather than electronic) which tend to be very reliable. There is a pretty thorough review of this machine on amazon which is worth a read. A similarly priced competitor with greater stitch capability is the Brother CS6000i. It has additional stitches and Brothers are good solid machines. Additionally, it has a quilting table which is good when you are sewing larger objects because it gives you a larger surface to work on. The Singer 4432 that another person mentioned also looks good - it has similar features (auto button holder, sewing platform) and appears to be more heavy duty but the trade off is fewer decorative stitches. The question comes down to how your wife intends to use the machine. My personal preference would be the Brother but I like the creativity that the stitch variety provides and my first machine was a Brother of a different model.

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    Re: Any tips for sewing through thick denim?


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    Re: Any tips for sewing through thick denim?

    The best

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