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    My name is a Jhonny. A few years ago, I followed the online money-making path in quest of quick riches that required no effort to quit my day job. Naturally, things didn't work out that way, so I simply forgot about all of this marketing information.After conducting a reasonably successful patreon campaign for a hobby of mine, I started to consider once more about creating extra passive income streams. Now that I have a better work with a respectable salary that I don't intend to leave. Although I am familiar with the fundamentals of how these things operate, this will be my first real attempt to enter the affiliate marketing industry. I would appreciate your feedback on my strategy.the creation of a number of niches Amazon VAGoals for Income: $10 per month for each site.Tools: A tool for keyword researchsites using Woo CommerceGood and affordable hostingperhaps a few premium themesThe prebuilt site appears appealing, but I prefer to construct everything myself rather than rely on a third party setup that might malfunction and leave me unsure of how to fix it.Is this all making sense? Or am I just setting myself up for a never-ending cycle of disappointment, which is ultimately not worthwhile?

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    Re: Consider creating a few Amazon affiliate stores

    Good day to all friends. I think that you are often looking for where you can pump your coins and tokens. For all questions, you can go to the site upvotebro there they will prompt you very well and tell you.

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