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The LG Optimus LTE 2 has been launched in South Korea roughly half a month earlier than the Samsung Galaxy S3 got launched in Europe, and on short, it was the first handset of the year to boast 2 GB of RAM. That being said, when the first rumors about it heading towards Verizon in the US surfaced, things got really interesting.

Now, apparently the guys over at Engadget got a hold of new information regarding the Optimus LTE 2.

First, the picture above allegedly depicts Verizon's version of the device. One thing that's interesting is the fact that the US version differs from the one launched in South Korea mainly in the capacitive button category. Verizon's LTE 2 appears to combine both the ICS specific buttons, and the on-screen legacy menu key in the form of four capacitive buttons.

Second of all, Engadget also got a hold of a service manual and additional information concerning the device's hardware. Once again, things appear to be somewhat fuzzy, because we expected the Big Red version of the phone to pack 2 GB of RAM, same as the device launched in Korea. However, according to the latest rumors the Optimus LTE 2 at Verizon might come with only 1 GB of RAM.

Last but not least, the service manual indicates that the device will ship in the US on July 13, and that seems rather impossible at this point. That being said, perhaps this latest info is not that new after all, and perhaps the service manual might have been printed months ago. Things are subject to change to say the least, but we're definitely keeping an eye on the LG Optimus LTE 2.

Source: Engadget
Via: Android Central
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