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  1. Connect phone via USB, Open WMP playlist on PC
  2. Select Sync tab, Drag playlist to Sync list,
  3. Select device (Your Phone – card), Select Start Sync
    Open Samsung Galaxy SIII Music App, Select playlist tab, scroll to your new playlist,
    Enjoy your music
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  1. Fance's Avatar
    Fance -
    Text automatically translated from: Italian to: French
    Samaung bordo galassia: S6 è abbastanza buono

    See More: Article: Samsung Galaxy SIII sync WMP Playlist
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    malikanthony -
    hi im new
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    Sudhar Shan -
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  1. Lasmpper's Avatar
    Lasmpper -
    Cool thanks
  1. fitchook's Avatar
    fitchook -
    What's WMP playlist?
  1. BestCellular's Avatar
    BestCellular -
    Awesome tip! Thanks guys! Does this work on newer phones?
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    Reidsrh -
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