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This unique looking phone will give anyone an excellent experience when video recording. The Fijitsu F-068 has a 13.2MP CMOS which allows for perfect recording which can record in Full HD. The handset is sold by DoCoMo and can record at 1920 x 1080 resolution. When shooting pictures with the Fijitsu F-06B, it takes the pictures with an ISO of 256000 with LED flash.

Other specs of the Fujitsu F-06B include: a 3.5-inch WIDE VGA display screen, GPS, WiFi, HSDPA, and is waterproof.

Price of this phone has not been mentioned.

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    Maximo738 -
    I would like to buy Fujitsu F-02E Docomo. It's on eBay and says unlocked. In the past I bought one from Japan, it said unlocked but it wasn't. I would use it in South America (900 band, 3G, Sim card, Digitel). I contacted seller and they said it was unlocked and had been used in the US, and is unlocked to use worldwide. The reviews on YouTube say they only work in Japan, thanks for your reply.

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